Tourism and Hospitality Management (BBA-THM)

Tourism and Hospitality Management (BBA-THM)

Focuses on tourism perspectives through the ages; organizations that facilitate tourism, the channel of distribution; passenger transportation; attractions; and hospitality and other related services. It helps understanding travel behavior; supply; demand; policy; planning and tourism development.

Specific Objectives:
 To Know about Tourism and Hospitality Management
 To know about Tourism and Hospitality Industry
 To know about Major Sector and Sub-Sector of Tourism

Major Benefits: After completing course students will able to do understand the below mentioned issues:-
 Basic Issues of Tourism and Hospitality Management
 Components of Tourism and Tourism Management
 Benefits and Costs of Tourism
 World, National, Regional Tourism Organizations
 The Airline and Lodging Industry
 Travel Agency and Tour Operator
 Hospitality Related Services
 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
 Entertainment and Attractions
 MICE Tourism
 Tourism Marketing Plan
 Future of Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Developed By Md. Shaifullar Rabbi
BBA & MBA, Major in Tourism & Hospitality Management, University of Dhaka
Lecturer, Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality Management
Daffodil Institute of IT(Affiliated National University)

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Md. Shaifullar Rabbi DIIT-NU
  • Couse Outlines of Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Tourism & Hospitality Management syllabus
    • Objectives and Benefits of Tourism & Hospitality Management
    • Tourism & Hospitality Management Lecture Plan
  • Chapter 01: Tourism Overview- Tourism in Perspective
    • Class 01 Tourism, Tourism Perspective, Components of Tourism and Tourism Management
    • Class 02 Basic Approaches to the Study of Tourism, Economic Importance
    • Class 03 Benefits and Costs of Tourism; Tourism through the Ages Early Beginnings
    • Class 04 Early (and Later) Tourist Attractions, Early Economic References
    • Class 05 The First Travel Agents, Historic Transportation, Accommodations
    • Presentation on Chapter-1 Tourism Overview- Tourism in Perspective
    • Fundamental of Tourism
    • Career Opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality Management (Bangladesh Perspectives)
    • How does Hospitality and Tourism relate? / Relationship between Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Chapter 02: How Tourism is Organized
    • Class 6 World, National, Regional, and Other Organizations
    • Class 07 International Organizations-Developmental Organization
    • Class 08 The Airline Industry-The Rail Industry-The Motor Industry- The Cruise Industry
    • Class 09 Hospitality and Related Services The Lodging Industry-The Food Service Industry
    • Class 10 Meeting Planners-Meetings and Conventions. Organizations in the Distribution
    • Class 11 Attractions, Entertainment, Recreation, and Other
    • Presentation on Chapter-2 How Tourism is Organized
    • WORLD TOURISM ORGANIZATIONS 2020 | UGC Net Tourism Administration and Management Tourism Talks
    • ICAO- International Civil Aviation Organization
    • IATA- International Air transport Association
  • Chapter 03: Understanding Travel Behavior- Motivation for Pleasure Travel
    • Class 12 The Need for a Theory-The Development of Motivation Models
    • Class 13 Cultural and International Tourism for Life’s Enrichment
    • Class 14 Life-Seeing Tourism-The Romance of Pleasure Travel-Developmental
    • Class 15 Promotional Measures
    • Class 16 Types of Destinations-Travel Experiences- Tourist Appeals
    • Class 17 Sociology of Tourism- Travel-Emergence of Group Travel Patterns
    • Presentation on Chapter-3 Understanding Travel Behavior- Motivation for Pleasure Travel
    • Factors influencing Consumer Behavior
    • Consumer Behavior in Tourism (Tourism Marketing and Promotion)
  • Chapter 04: Tourism Supply, Demand, Policy, Planning and Development
    • Class 18 Components and Supply- Natural Resources-Built Environment-Operating Sectors
    • Class 19 Spirit of Hospitality and Cultural Resources- Measuring and Forecasting Demand
    • Class 20 Tourism’s Economic Impact- Tourism Policy- Structure, Content, and Process
    • Class 21 The Focus of Tourism Policy- The CompetitiveSustainable Destination
    • Class 22 Tourism Policy Structure, Content, and Process-Translating Policy into Reality
    • Class 23 Tourism Planning, Development, and Social Considerations
    • Class 24 Relating Tourism Planning to Tourism Policy Why Tourism Planning Is Necessary
    • Class 25 The Planning Process-Goals of Tourism Development-Political Aspects
    • Presentation on Chapter-4 Tourism Supply, Demand, Policy, Planning and Development
    • Tourism Policy
    • Tourism Model | Tourism Policy | Tourism Planning | Tourism Development
  • Chapter 05: Tourism Marketing and Future-Tourism Marketing
    • Class 26 Marketing Concept-The Marketing Mix-Market Segmentation Marketing Planning
    • Class 27 The Tourism Marketing Plan-Joint Marketing Efforts
    • Class 28 Tourism’s Future Tourism in the Third Millennium- Tourism in 2021
    • Class 29 The Nature of Future Growth-Leisure, Tourism, and Society
    • Class 30 The Future of Tourism-The Changing Nature of Tourism Products
    • Presentation on Chapter-5 Tourism Marketing and Future-Tourism Marketing
    • What is Marketing Mix
    • Future of tourism: sustainable, responsible, smart
    • Future Technology In Hospitality And Tourism (2030)